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Macromolecular coordinate library

MMDB is a macromolecular coordinate library, written by Eugene Krissinel primarily for use by the collaborative computational project 4 (CCP4) group in the United Kingdom. The Coordinate Library is designed to assist CCP4 developers in working with coordinate files.

The Library features work with the primary file formats of the Protein Data Bank (PDB), the PDB file format and the mmCIF file format.

The Library provides various high-level tools for working with coordinate files, which include not only reading and writing, but also orthogonal-fractional coordinate transforms, generation of symmetry mates, editing the molecular structure and some others. The Library is supposed as a general low-level tool for unifying the coordinate-related operations.

This package contains the shared library components needed for programs that have been compiled with the mmdb library.

Package version:1.23

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