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PHP very user-friendly CAPTCHA solution

This PHP script provides a very user-friendly CAPTCHA solution. You can easily embed it into your <form> generation scripts to prevent spam-bot access.

It strives to be accessible and implements an arithmetic riddle as alternative for visually impaired users. It does not require cookies, but makes use of "AJAX" to give users visual feedback for solving the CAPTCHA. It grants access fuzzily (when single letters were outguessed) instead of frustrating people. And it can be customized rather easily.

Package version:2.3

Browse inside php-captchaphp-2.3-2.fc17.src.rpm

11.40 KB2014-11-27captcha-2.3-24pre.patch  view
20.00 KB2014-11-27captcha-2.3.nofont.tar.gz  view  2 mirrors
1.10 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  92 mirrors
4.55 KB2014-11-27php-captchaphp.spec  view

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