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Motif matrix, caption and text input widgets

XbaeMatrix is a free Motif(R) table widget (also compatible with the free LessTif) which presents an editable array of string data to the user in a scrollable table similar to a spreadsheet. The rows and columns of the Matrix may optionally be labelled. A number of "fixed" and "trailing fixed" rows or columns may be specified.

The XbaeCaption widget is a simple Motif manager widget that associates a label with a child.

In addition the XbaeInput widget is being distributed, a text input field that provides generic customised data entry and formatting for strings.

Package version:4.60.4

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6.92 KB2014-11-28xbae-4.60.4-multilib.patch  view
1.69 MB2014-11-28xbae-4.60.4.tar.gz  view  286+ mirrors
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