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Bash function library

EasyBashGUI is a bash function library that aims to give simple GUI functions using gtkdialog, kdialog, zenity, Xdialog, dialog, or whiptail depending on KDE or GNOME running or not, Gtkdialog or Xdialog installed or not and X server running or not ( (c)dialog or whiptail is the minimum ). So, if bash programmer writes: "message 'Thanks for using this program' ", he has not to worry in which environment his program runs: it is enough there is at least (c)dialog or whiptail installed, and program will work as expected. Obviously, if user has KDE, GNOME, or gtkdialog/Xdialog also installed ( and he's in a X session ), program will have "an other look", but logical flow is *exactly* the same. In EasyBashGUI "suite" there are a library ( "easybashgui_X.X.X" ), a script to quick test it ( "" ), and a stand-alone script to create dialog boxes externally ( "" ).
Package version:4.0.2

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630 B2014-11-29easybashgui-4.0.2-file_location.patch  view  2 mirrors
40.40 KB2014-11-29EasyBashGUI_4.0.2.tar.gz
2.58 KB2014-11-29easybashgui.spec  view
1.44 KB2014-11-29HEADER  view  19 mirrors

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