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Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities

Space is a vast area, an unbounded territory where it seems there is a room for everybody, but reversal of fortune put things differently. The hordes of hostile creatures crawled out from the dark corners of the universe, craving to conquer your homeland. Their force is compelling, their legions are interminable. However, humans didn't give up without a final showdown and put their best pilot to fight back. These malicious invaders chose the wrong galaxy to conquer and you are to prove it! Go ahead and make alien aggressors regret their insolence.
Package version:1.2



Runtime dependencies:
libSDL (ver 1.2.7+), libopenal (ver 1.0+), libalut (ver 1.0+), libogg (ver 1.1+), libvorbis (ver 1.1+), libvorbisfile (ver 1.1+), libjpeg (ver 6b+).

CPU 1+ GHz, 128 MB RAM, 3D acceleration video card with OpenGL and 32+ MB on-board, mouse.
Recommended: sound card.

Game installation:
- unpack the game files into your favorite folder
- launch the ga


AstroMenace Source Codes ver 1.2
Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Michael Kurinnoy, Viewizard
All Rights Reserved.

AstroMenace game source codes available under "dual licensing" model.
The licensing options available are:

* Commercial Licensing. This is the appropriate option if you are creating proprietary
applications and you are not prepared to distribute and share the source code and artwork of your 

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