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Standard resource files the calc arithmetic system

This package contains the standard calc resource files and several calc shell scripts. They serve as examples of the calc language and may also be useful in themselves.
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calc shell script examples

These calc shell scripts are provided because they serve as examples of
how use the calc language, and/or because the authors thought them to
be useful!

Please note that calc shell scripts must start with the line:

    #!/usr/bin/calc -q -f

The above line MUST start in column 1 of the first line.   The first line
must also end in -f.  The -


Calc standard resource files

To load a resource file, try:

    read filename

You do not need to add the .cal extension to the filename.  Calc
will search along the $CALCPATH (see ``help environment'').

Normally a resource file will simply define some functions.  By default,
most resource files will print out a short message when they are read.
For example:

    ; r

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