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Development files for botan

The botan-devel package contains libraries and header files for developing applications that use botan.
Package version:1.8.13


This is an example of how to use Botan in a GUI. You need at least
Botan 1.6.0.

You'll also need GTK+ 2.x (tested with GTK+ 2.10; should work with
most versions). Keep in mind that I was learning GTK as I was writing
this code, so it is not exactly the best GTK code you're likely to

dsa.cpp is the main GTK+ driver. It has some comments at the top which
point out major areas of interest.



This directory contains some simple example applications for the Botan crypto
library. If you want to see something a bit more complicated, check out the
stuff in the checks/ directory. Both it and the files in this directory are in
the public domain, and you may do with them however you please.

The makefile assumes that you built the library with g++; you'll have to change
it if this assumption 

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