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Tool for probing and parsing monitor EDID

Monitor-edid is a tool for probing and parsing Extended display identification data (EDID) from monitors. For more information about EDID, see
Package version:2.5


EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a VESA standard data format
that contains information about a monitor and its capabilities.

The information is stored in the monitor and is used to communicate with the
system through a Display Data Channel (DDC), which sites between the monitor
and the PC graphics adapter.

Inspired from:
- read-edid
- RedHat kudzu ddcprobe
- SuSE hwinfo

int10 and 


Linux Real Mode Interface

1, Goal

This library provides a DPMI like interface under Linux and *BSD systems
using vm86. There is also some VBE (VESA Bios Extension) interface utility
called vbetest.

2, Supported systems

Only under x86:

* Linux 2.2 and above
* FreeBSD
* NetBSD
* OpenBSD

3, License

Look into the individual source files.

4, Authors

Josh Vanderhoof


Version 2.5 - 18 October 2009

- monitor-probe-using-X:
  o disable glx module to speed up X startup, especially if a proprietary
    glx module is in use (fixes a timeout observed by Anssi Hannula)
  o use -sharevts for X server when plymouth is active, as VT switching
    does not work at that point (fixes Mandriva bug #53736)

Version 2.4 - 1 October 2009

- monitor-parse-edid:
  o ignore the M


                    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
                       Version 3, 29 June 2007


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