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Package version:5.28.0
Distribution:FreeBSD 7-stable


Affine is a collection of programs for algebraic computing.  It currently
uses maxima for some of the basic routines, as well as for display.

If you have an executable 'saved_affine' you may just invoke that,
or make a link to some place where executables are usually kept:
ln -s /public/affine/saved_affine /public/bin/affine

The maxima-*/info documentation covers maxima and affine.

Much of the 


CharSets is a program which I translated from the Maple package CharSets,
written by Dr. Dongming Wang.  His homepage is
A good reference for Characteristic sets is his book Elimination Methods.

I wish to thank Dr. Wang for making this code available to the maxima
project.  I also wish to thank Dr. Willis, Dr. Fateman and Mr. Dotson for
their assistance with this pro


This package is solver, a parametric equation solver, written by
Eckhard Hennig and Ralf Sommer.  I have made some minor modifications
to it so that it runs on maxima. 
I wish to thank Dr. Hennig for his donation of the solver code to the
maxima project.
Dan Stanger


Notes about amatrix
Robert Dodier, 2007-12-15
I release this file under the terms of the GNU General


The directory maxima/share/combinatorics/ is empty.

(There were two files here which implemented tw


Dear User:

This archive contains 2 files which provide Grobner basis support for the
free computer 


Filename:  share/contrib/README

 Code in this directory is considered external to the
 main Maxima


ZEILBERGER (Version 4.0)


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