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Package version:2.7.3_3
Distribution:FreeBSD 9-stable


FAQ Wizard

Author: Guido van Rossum <>
Version: 1.0
Date:  6 April 1998

This is a CGI program that maintains a user-editable FAQ.  It uses RCS
to keep track of changes to individual FAQ entries.  It is fully
configurable; everything you might want to change when using this
program to maintain some other FAQ than the Python FAQ is contained in
the configuration module,


Files in this directory from from Bob Ippolito's py2app.

License: Any components of the py2app suite may be distributed under
the MIT or PSF open source licenses.

This is version 1.0, SVN revision 789, from 2006/01/25.
The main repository is


This directory contains the Distutils package.

There's a full documentation available at:

The Distutils-SIG web page is also a good starting point:

WARNING : Distutils must remain compatible with 2.3



IDLE is Python's Tkinter-based Integrated DeveLopment Environment.

IDLE emphasizes a lightweight, c


Writing new tests


    New tests should always use only one


In this directory:
- -- test file that exercises most/all of Python 2.x's gramma


This directory exists so that 3rd party packages can be installed
here.  Read the source for


This empty directory serves as destination for temporary files
created by some tests.

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