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This is version 1.86 of AcePerl, a Perl interface for the ACEDB
object-oriented database.  Designed specifically for use in genome
sequencing projects, ACEDB provides powerful modeling and management
services for biological and laboratory data.  For others, it is a good
open source introduction to the world of object-oriented databases

See the ChangeLog for important notices, including recent use


AceBrowser Version 3.1
September 20, 2001

The AcePerl distribution now includes a collection of CGI scripts that
run on top of AcePerl to provide a simple browsable interface to ACEDB
databases.  Some of the code has been tuned for the C. elegans
database, but most of it is fully generic.

Demos are running at


1. AcePerl 1.76 or higher (available at


The HOWTO documents are notes on installing and using the ACeDB
database.  The various .html documents are HTMLized versions of the
AcePerl man pages that have been run through pod2html.

Lincoln Stein
July 1999

/AcePerl-1.92/examples/README is a replacement for tace and aceclient.  If you have the perl
Readline package installed it 


1.92	Tue Nov 11 11:43:17 EST 2008
	1. Cache ignores objects that do not have a proper name.

1.91	Tu



# This example will pull some information on various authors
# from the C. El



# This example will pull some information on various authors
# from the C. El

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