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This is ApacheBench/Perl, a Perl API for Apache benchmarking
and regression testing.

This project is meant to be the foundation of a complete
benchmarking and regression testing suite for a transaction-
processing mod_perl site.  We needed to be able to stress our
server to its limit while also having a way to verify the
HTTP responses for correctness.  We also extended the
single-URL ab model to


			<README for Module Bench>


	If your system doesn't have the capability of loading library
	dynamically,  or should you wish to build a statically-linked 
	executable on a system  which can dynamically load libraries,
	run  the  command  "make perl" instead  of the  usual command


	First of all,you need to call constructor,namely new in Bench
	to create a "Be


ApacheBench Perl API changes - ver 0.6x

The ApacheBench Perl API has changed since versions 0.5x, such that
scripts that use the 0.5x API will not work correctly using 0.6x.
I apologize for the forced upgrade, but the 0.5x API was non-intuitive
and buggy.  The new 0.6x API will remain stable from now on.  Any future
changes will be accompanied by backwards compatibility fixes.

To upgrade scripts


=head1 NAME

Changes - HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench change logfile

=head1 CHANGES

all changes without


* implement per-run execute() using system threads, then global execute() can
  just fire off as man


This package is free software and is provided AS IS without express or
implied warranty.  It may be 

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