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This is a command-line tool inspired by "git-bisect", which allows you to
perform binary searches among the revisions of a subversion project.

There's lots of documentation in the "svn-bisect" file.  Author, usage,
screenshot, license, it's all in there.  Please run "perldoc svn-bisect" to
read it.  If you don't have a "perldoc" command, you can just open it in your
favorite pager or text editor,


1.0 Fri Dec  4 10:55:23 EST 2009
* Add a message when we start fetching lots of history; it can take a while.
* Add "svn-bisect run", Coke++ for nagging me about this.
* Restrict option parsing to options that occur before the subcommand; this
  leaves later options intact (so we can pass them to "run" commands).
* Fix a small bug in "svn-bisect good", which triggered at bisect-setup time
  when t


* Save off the commands run and unwind info to bisect.yaml.
* Implement "log" and "replay" and "undo" based on above information.
* Implement handling of svn:externals tags.  (Scan all subdirectories for them
  if necessary.)  Make a list of all repositories that need to be updated,
  based on whether they match the UUID of the current directory.  Add a
  --no-externals to disable all of this.  Pe


		       The Artistic License 2.0

	    Copyright (c) 2000-2006, The Perl Foundation.


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