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Bio::Graphics - Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects


This is a simple GD-based renderer (diagram drawer) for DNA and
protein sequences.  It is used from Perl like this:

  use Bio::Graphics;
  use Bio::DB::BioFetch;  # or some other Bio::SeqI generator
  # get a Bio::SeqI object somehow
  my $bf     = Bio::DB::BioFetch->new;
  my $cosmid = $bf->getSeq_by_id('CEF58D5');

  my @features


Bio::Graphics requires BioPerl version 1.6 ($VERSION 1.006 or higher),
which is expected to be released by the end of 2008. Until then, you
should use the version of Bio::Graphics that is in the current (1.5 or
lower) version of BioPerl.


Revision history for Perl extension Bio::Graphics.

1.994 Thu Dec 10 10:07:19 EST 2009
      - The GFF3 Gap attribute (which contains a CIGAR string) is now supported in the segments
      glyph. Set -split_on_cigar=>1 when creating the track in order to activate this feature.

1.993 Thu Dec  3 06:36:06 EST 2009
      - Fixed issue which caused GD::SVG rendering of xyplot glyph to show scale

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