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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


1.09 (2009-05-18)

  - move all decryption to one place; support decrypting metafiles.
    (Stephane Alnet,, Chris Anderson,

  - added CloudFiles target to enable backups to Rackspace/Mosso's online
    data storage service. (William Wolf)

1.08 (2009-04-26)

  - make brackup-target --verbose prune and gc more verbose (gavincarr)

  - add a --interactive optio


-- in
      # TODO: inefficient!  we don't want to download the chunk from the
      # target multiple times.  better to cache it locally, or at least
      # only fetch a region from the target (but that's still kinda inefficient
      # and pushes complexity into the Target interface)

-- Optionally only use in-memory files when using encryption.

-- <lj user=grahams>: if a file whic


Chunk description in .brackup file:
  Chunks:  offset;raw_length;stored_length;typed_digest
Proposal to change:
  Chunks:  offset;raw_length;stored_length;typed_digest(stored);typed_digest(raw);flags

Where flags is comma separate list of \w+.  e.g.  "gz" for gzip compression


Document:  purpose of chunks named by their final digest is twofold:
   1) can verify integrity of storage medium.

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