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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


This is the Runtime distribution for the Catalyst MVC framework.
For more information about Catalyst, write

$ perldoc Catalyst

at the command line, or visit
You can also install Catalyst::Manual from CPAN for more
comprehensive information.

If you are going to write your own Catalyst application, you will
need to install Catal


# This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst.

5.90007 - 2011-11-22 20:35:00

  New features:
   - Implement a match_captures hook which, if it exists on an action,
     is called with the $ctx and \@captures and is expected to return
     true to continue the chain matching and false to stop matching.
     This can be used to implement action classes or roles which match


# Known Bugs:

   - Bug ->go or ->visit causes actions which have Args or CaptureArgs called
     twice when called via ->go or ->visit.

     Test app:

# Compatibility warnings to add:

  - $self->config should warn as config should only ever be called as a
    class method (TESTS).

# Proposed functionality / feature additions:


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