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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


Convert::IBM390 -- functions for manipulating mainframe data

Convert::IBM390 is a Perl module.  It supplies various functions that
you may find useful when messing with IBM System/3[679]0 data.  See the
POD documentation in the module, or "man Convert::IBM390" after you have
installed it.

asc2eb, eb2asc, eb2ascp:  ASCII/EBCDIC conversion
packeb, unpackeb:  pack/unpack and convert an EBCDIC recor


Revision history for Perl extension Convert::IBM390.

0.01  Tue Jan 12 12:36:20 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	- Geoffrey Rommel (

0.02  Mon Apr 12 13:11:16 1999
	- made compatible with 5.004 and earlier releases
	- Original version had a bug when char was unsigned, but it
	  was not revealed by 'make test'.  Squished the bug; smoothed
	  out the signed/unsigned

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