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The goal of this module is to offer a simple queue system using the
underlying filesystem for storage, security and to prevent race
conditions via atomic operations. It focuses on simplicity, robustness
and scalability.

This module allows multiple concurrent readers and writers to interact
with the same queue. A Python implementation of the same algorithm is
available at http://p


This directory contains sample programs showing what can be done with
the Directory::Queue modules.


Revision history for Directory-Queue:

1.7	Tue Nov 13 2012
	* Now using No::Worries.
	* Cleanup code to please Perl::Critic.
	* Added a sample script ( in the eg directory).

1.6	Tue Jun  5 2012
	* Better handle race conditions in Directory::Queue::Simple's lock().
	* Improved I/O speed for binary files.

1.5	Tue Jan 24 2012
	* Changed the class hierarchy while preserving backward compatibil

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