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This is the README file for Encode::HanConvert, two encoding
formats to facilitate mappings between traditional and simplified
Chinese characters.

* Installation

Encode::HanConvert uses the standard perl module install process:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
enc2xs -C	# optional; updates's on-demand loading DB

You will need perl 5.7.3 or better, as well as Encode 1.41 o


[Changes for 0.35 - Jan 27, 2009]

* Converted tabs to spaces in programs and modules.

* Updated Module::Install version in inc/ to 0.77.

[Changes for 0.34 - Jul 17, 2007]

* Corrected SIGNATURE for a mismatched META.yml entry.

* Switched from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Install to better determine
  the install site's capability to run C compilers.

[Changes for 0.33 - Dec 12, 2006]

* Fix 


Here is a list of people and their CPAN id, extracted from the Changes
file and the mailing list archives.  These people have either submitted
patches or suggestions, or their bug reports or comments have inspired
the appropriate patches.  Corrections, additions, deletions welcome:

Alan Chen
Chia-Liang Kao          (CLKAO)
Jedi Lin
Kuang-Che Wu            (KCWU)
Mitrophan Chin
Tim Conrow
Tulan W.

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