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This module a simple file-based database.  This database simply contains
IP blocks as keys, and countries as values.  The data contains all
public IP addresses and should be more
complete and accurate than reverse DNS lookups.

This module can be used to automatically select the geographically closest mirror,
or to analyze your web server logs to determine the countries of your visiters.

To insta


Revision history for Perl extension Geo::IP.
1.40 Aug 23th 2011
        - Add new CAPI method region_name_by_code ( Boris Zentner )
        - Add support for GEOIP_NETSPEED_EDITION_REV1 ( Boris Zentner )
        - Add new CAPI method record_by_ipnum_v6 ( Boris Zentner )
        - Add new CAPI glue methods to use GeoIPCityv6 databases
          record_by_addr_v6 record_by_name_v6 ( Boris Zentner )


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         [DIR]Geo-IP-1.40/ (26)  2 mirrors

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