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IMDB::Film is OO Perl interface to the database of films
IMDB ( It allows to retrieve information
about movies by its IMDB code or title. Also, there is a 
possibility to get information about IMDB persons (actors,
actresses, directors etc) by their name of code.

For more details please read POD of that module.


To install this module 


Revision history for Perl module IMDB::Film

0.38 June 30 2009
	- fixed issue with empty cast list (thanks to Andréas Bratell);
	- fixed issue with retrieving metadata for movies with code less then 7
	digits (thanks to Simon), ticket #47422;
	- fixed POD documentation (thanks to Bas Zoetekouw), ticket #47433).

0.37 May 25 2009
	- added MPAA info for the specified movie;
	- fixed issue with retr


TODO list for Perl module IMDB::Film

- Add possibility to indicate is it TV series or not (
- Add retrieving TV series episodes (
- Add functionality to get additional information such as Full Cast and Crew,
	sound track etc.
- Move all methods with needed additional connect to into separte modul


Terms of Perl itself

a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
   Software Foundat

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