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README for IO::Multiplex

IO::Multiplex is designed to take the effort out of managing
multiple file handles.  It is essentially a really fancy front end to
the C<select> system call.  In addition to maintaining the C<select>
loop, it buffers all input and output to/from the file handles.  It
can also accept incoming connections on one or more listen sockets.

It is object oriented in design, and 


Revision history for Perl extension IO::Multiplex.

1.13 Fri Apr 15 08:42:43 CEST 2011
	- fix handling of outbuf which contains '0'. [Gordon Russell]

1.12 Wed Feb 23 22:35:27 CET 2011
	- fix MSWin32 complaints [Mark Dootson]

1.11 Wed Feb  2 17:05:08 CET 2011
        - Avoid warning while adding pipe
 [Khedin] and #16259
	- Add 


Things still TODO

Fix a few broken semantics (shutdown semantics are wrong, for one)
Limits on the size of the buffers
Maybe rewrite to use Event module at the core
Make it work with SSL sockets (difficult)
Benchmarking stats.
More optimizations.
More examples.
Feature to let output buffer to switch to a file
  after certain limits in order to save memory
  and extend the buffer

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