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Image-PBMlib version 2.00

This is a pure perl library to read and write the netpbm / pbmplus
family of file formats. It understands PBM (bitmap), PGM (graymap),
and PPM (pixmap) files. Sometimes those are, collectively, called
PNM (anymap). The multichannel PAM format is not supported.

Version 2 is a nearly complete rewrite with an all new interface.
It properly support


March 2012
2.0 is a nearly complete rewrite fixing the bugs that arose from
not taking the max value into account. Only the code to read an
image header is taken from 1.x. None of the function names are the
same and most of the interface has changed.

Feb 2003
1.05 fixes two comment related bugs (thanks Ladislav Sladecek!) and
some error reporting bugs with bad filehandles.

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