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Locale::Geocode is an object-oriented interface to the complete ISO
3166-1 specification (including alpha-2, alpha-3, and numeric sets)
and selected elements of the 3166-2 specification.

Locale::Geocode includes select extensions to the specification for
postal conventions.  These extensions are not included by default,
but can be enabled and disabled by the user during execution.


Revision history for Perl extension Locale::Geocode

1.20 - Mon Feb 9 19:10:35 CST 2009
 - add new ext_enable and ext_disable methods for selectively enabling
   or disabling only the specified subset of all supported extensions
 - add new "ust" extention for united states territories.  this
   extension is ALWAYS on unless you explicitly disable it, thus it
   retains compatibility with previous 

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