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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


MP3::Find version 0.07

    This module allows you to search for MP3 files by their ID3 tags. You
    can ask for the results to be sorted by one or more of those tags, and
    return either the list of filenames (the deault), a "printf"-style
    formatted string for each file using its ID3 tags, or the actual Perl
    data structure representing the results.



Revision history for Perl extension MP3::Find.

0.07  7 Jun 2011
    - fixed tests that were failing due to a bad test plan

0.06  11 Jul 2006
    - deprecated the create_db, update_db, and sync_db methods
    - databases can be selected by a custom DSN or an already open database handle

0.05  28 Apr 2006
    - mp3find searches in ID3v2 tags if MP3::Tag is available
    - using Sort::Key for sort

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