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Module to replace Math::BigInt's core math routines by using Math::GMP.

(C) ..--- ----- ----- .---- by - . .-.. ... .-.-.-  All rights reserved.

This package contains a replacement (drop-in) module for Math::BigInt's core, It needs the new versions of Math::BigInt and
Math::BigFloat as they are from Perl 5.7.x onwards.

You need to install the Gnu MP library aka libgmp to 


This directory contains scripts that are used by the developers.

They are not necessarily usefull for users :)


2010-09-23 v1.32 rafl 5559 tests
  * Re-upload 1.31 as a stable release without further changes.

2010-09-21 v1.31 rafl 5559 tests  DEVELOPMENT RELEASE
  * Add hooks for Storable (de-)serialisation.
  * Avoid failure in the destructor if someone blessed nonsense into our class.

2010-09-20 v1.30 rafl 5558 tests
  * Re-upload 1.29 as a stable release without further changes.

2010-09-19 v1.29 rafl 


 for _nok()
* Function: int mpz_fits_ulong_p (mpz_t op)
  Function: void mpz_bin_ui (mpz_t rop, mpz


This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl


Known bugs:

* Some problems with left/right shifting in base != 2 seem to occur

Please send me te

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