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Math::BigRat - arbitrarily big rational numbers

(C) ..--- ----- ----- .---- - ..--- - . .-.. ... .-.-.-  All rights reserved.

This package is a subclass of Math::BigFloat. You need the rewritten version
of Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat for it to work.

To test, unzip & untar package, then run

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

See INSTALL for detailed help on installing these m


2010-09-15 v0.26 rafl 975 tests
  * Remove obsolete test boilerplate that was once needed to test within the
    perl core (Nicholas Clark).
  * Convert tests from Test to Test::More (Nicholas Clark).

2010-09-13 v0.25 rafl 975 tests
  * Re-upload 0.24 with a fixed SIGNATURE

2009-09-09 v0.24 Leto 975 tests
  * Fix [perl RT #49565: SIGNATURES]
  * Fix [perl RT #44827: Documentation incorrect]



* rounding needs a new definiton: rounding to nearest fraction (see Knuth
  and fixed-slash fractions)
* bmod(), bmodpow(), bmodinv() not fully/properly implemented yet
* bsqrt() is also not quite optimal yet
* BigRat does not handle modify() yet or in a very incomplete manner

Quite some stuff needs still to be done.

Please send me test-reports, your experiences with this and your ideas - I lov


This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl


Known bugs:

* BigRat does not handle modify() yet or in a very incomplete manner
* There are proba

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