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Math::Random -- Random number generators

This module generates a variety of random numbers.  Capabilities
of wide interest include the generation of:
    uniform numbers between 0 and 1 (or user chosen boundaries)
    random integers between user specified bounds
    random permutations of a list (shuffle a deck of cards)

The starting value for the random number generators can be specified
as a 


Revision history for Perl extension Math::Random.

0.61  Wed May 19 07:55:53 1999
	- Added a space to the translation table in phrtsd.
	- Cosmetic changes to bring this module into line with other
	  Perl modules: added, Changes, MANIFEST, README;
	  corrected some spelling, used "make dist", and so on.
	- Geoffrey Rommel

0.62  Wed Aug 22 09:30:14 2001
	- In com.c and randlib.c, changed t

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