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For a walkthrough on starting this example application, see the wiki:


2012-02-29: Release version 2.59

   * don't make SQLite error out on lock calls (dormando <>)

   * Postgres wasn't honoring a no-wait timeout (dormando <>)

2012-02-28: Release version 2.58

   * reduce UPDATE's to device table (dormando <>)

   * replicate: retry on short writes to destination (Eric Wong <>)

   * enable


-- if run out file descriptors in mogilefsd, mogilefsd shouldn't crash.  it might
   now.  needs a test.

-- change debug level at runtime from mgmt port, propagate to children.

-- MogileFS::Device ->make_directory on lighttpd isn't exactly right, as WebDAV
   spec says MKCOL on an existing directory should return 405 (Method Not Allowed),
   which I think is the same as a server without WebDAV e

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