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This is a module for handling SIP, the IETF standard for VOIP
It is written completly in perl.

With the help of this module you can write SIP endpoints (e.g
phones, answer machines), SIP proxies and registrars.
It contains no GUI and no real code for working with video or
audio, but is has some support for RTP (no RTCP) and working
with PCMU/8000 data, enough for sending PCMU/8000 enco


* answer machine which can play a welcome message and
  record calls
* can handle multiple calls in parallel

* not so simple stateless proxy which will forward
  SIP packets between legs
* can forward based on destination domain
* can have registrars on legs and forward to registered
* can do NAT either in-process or together with 



This directory contains some examples for using Net::SIP.
- invite peer, recv RTP data and store them inside file
- can register
- can deal with upstream proxy
- can handle authorization against proxy/registrar
- see -h|--help for more information
- similar to invite_and_recv, but does send files to other party
- can handle multiple files by using re-INVITEs


These are programs to conduct simple benchmarks.
See usage() in files (option -h|--help) for more in


Revision history for Net::SIP

0.62 2010-12-06
- overwrite route header from record-route only for 2


- Redirect only specific domains, ignore rest so that it can be
  chained with proxy for the rest


Thanks to GeNUA mbh to let me work on this 
code and release it to the public.



These modules are copyright (c) 2006-2008, Steffen Ullrich. 
All Rights Reserved.
These modules are 

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