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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


Net::SSH2 - Secure Shell protocol interface

Net::SSH2 is a perl interface to the libssh2 (
library.  It supports the SSH2 protocol (there is no support for SSH1)
with all of the key exchanges, ciphers, and compression of libssh2.
At present, libssh2 requires OpenSSL ( and can
optionally use zlib for compress


Revision history for Perl extension Net::SSH2.

0.34  2011-05-07 08:34:35
        - fix trace option to ->new
        - handle partial writes for scp_put
        - add $chan->exit_signal (patch from
        - add $ssh->block_directions
        - add new constants (socket, trace and ERROR_EAGAIN)

0.33  2010-07-13 07:59:22
        - change trace option to use bitmask, so i


Polling sometimes doesn't work.
Segfaults on exit sometimes.
sftp is incredibly slow.
Detect static build on Win32 and not define -DLIBSSH2_WIN32

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