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The Net::Z3950::ZOOM, ZOOM and Net::Z3950 modules

This distribution contains three Perl modules for the price of one.
They all provide facilities for building information retrieval clients
using the standard Z39.50 and SRW/U protocols, but do so using
different APIs.

- If you are new to this distribution, then you should use the ZOOM
  API, and i


This area contains sample programs that exercise all three of the APIs
supported by this module.  The programs for each API are contained in
separate subdirectories:

net-z3950-zoom -- Test programs using the low-level Net::Z3950::ZOOM
	API, which is an as-literal-as-possible translation of the
	ZOOM-C API.  You should almost certainly not bother reading
	these programs: they are for the benefit o


Revision history for Perl extension Net::Z3950::ZOOM.

1.28  Fri Oct 15 13:34:41 BST 2010
	- In the test-suite, provide a more explicit report when the
	  scan identity test (display term == term) fails.
	- The displayTerm==term assertion is now case-insensitive, as
	  it ought always to have been: previously, the test-suite
	  relied on a specific implementaton detail of the
	  test-server, which

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