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This module allows users to communicate with eBay using perl and their
XML based eBay API. You can use it to list items for sale, bid, get
seller item list, search, get ebay time, or do anything else.

Many details of this API can be found at To
be able to use this module, you need to register there and obtain keys
and a authentication token using "tokentool".



Revision history for Net-eBay

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02    A little cleanup, remove confusion about name
0.03    Documentation cleanup
0.04    Documentation cleanup
0.05    Added a constructor from a .ini file name
0.06    Cleaned docs, renamed site_level into SiteLevel everywhere
0.07    A little more cleanup, added view counter
0.08    Gene

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