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    PDF::Create - create PDF files


    PDF::Create allows you to create PDF documents using a large
    number of primitives, and emit the result as a PDF file or
    stream. PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

    Documents can have several pages, a table of content, an
    information section and many other PDF elements. More
    functionnalities will be added as ne


Further changes are documented in the 'Changes' file

Version 0.09 30.9.2007
- Markus Baertschi,
  Added stringml for multi-line strings
  Changed get_page_size to case-independent

Version 0.08 3.9.2007
- Markus Baertschi,
  Get back in sync with CPAN/PAUSE
  Fixed check for open file in
  Touched up the README

Version 0.07
- Markus Baertschi, marku


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Changes.PL
# Create the 'Changes' file automatically from git commit messages
# and versioning tags in the repository.
# This script is designed to be run only on the PDF::Create maintainers
# workstation and is not needed to install PDF::Create.

use strict;

# Bail out with non-alarming error message if git or the correct repository
# is missing.

my $user;
my $g


18.11.07 - Add the image stuff to perldoc

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