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The README is used to introduce the module and provide instructions on
how to install the module, any machine dependencies it may have (for
example C compilers and installed libraries) and any other information
that should be provided before the module is installed.

A README file is required for CPAN modules since CPAN extracts the README
file from a module distribution


Revision history for POE-Component-Client-SMTP
0.22  September 2009
    * Applied a patch from Sergey V. Beduev so that Timeout is set
      before creating the socket
    * Added a test for the patch above

0.21  February 2009
    * bug #39345 [Provide a consolidated error message]
      Reported by: David Golden
    * pococlsmtp was sending the error event to the caller
      multiple times per 


1. Implement spawn method
when spawned, the component stays around for an undefined period of
time, waiting for events that carry the payload, to send emails
the component, will stop when receiving "shutdown" event, cleaning up
before going away

2. Implement callbacks for server response

3. Support FC2822 email address for To/From parameters


Terms of Perl itself

a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
   Software Foundat


POE::Component::Client::SMTP version 0.21

Copyright (c) 2005 - 2009 George Nistorica
All rights res

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