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POE::Component::Generic is POE component that provides non-blocking access
to a blocking object. 

It works by forking of a sub-process with POE::Wheel::Run to do the work The
blocking object is created in the child process, which waits for method
calls from the parent.

It is intended for people who want to use an object that blocks from
POE with as little pain as possible.

NOTE: It has come to


Revision history for POE::Component::Generic.

0.1205 Wed Sep 16 2009
    - Tweak 02_pod_coverage.t
    - Require 5.6
    - no strict 'subs'; in Net::SSH2 code

0.1204 Tue Sep 15 2009
    - 21_alt_fork-x.t blindly chmod, then check for +x

0.1203 Tue Sep 15 2009

    - 21_alt_fork-x.t checks to make sure t/alt-fork is +x.  If not, skip
      tests.  5.10.0 on Ubuntu wasn't setting +x on anything i



- A tutorial!  POE::Component::Generic is hard!
- A generalised factory class, in case a constructor requires coderefs

- Better contexts for error messages [caller]
- ->call, ->yield and ->method should return the request/response ID so
    that it can be corrolated with the response.
- User data in the request data hash shouldn't be serialised
- Test case for Net::DNS
- Test case for som

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