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This is the README file for Term::VT102, a Perl module which provides
emulation of a VT102 terminal.

Like the "expect" Tcl extension, this module is intended primarily for use
as a way of automating processes; for instance, you can write a script which
connects via telnet to a full-screen service of some kind (such as a router,
or a telephone switch), uses this module to parse the output, and the


Changes that have been made over time:

0.91 - 9 November 2008
  - patch from Joerg Walter to fix Unicode handling
  - minor escape sequence processing cleanup
  - properly ignore / process sequences ending in ESC \
  - new callback STRING for receiving strings from the above
  - new method to return row text with SGR colour/attributes
  - fixed line wrapping to wrap AFTER last column filled
  - i


Things still to do:

  - functions for Expect-like behaviour

Any assistance would be appreciated.


                           The "Artistic License"

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