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Time::HiRes module: High resolution time, sleep, and alarm.

Implement usleep, ualarm, and gettimeofday for Perl, as well as wrappers
to implement time, sleep, and alarm that know about non-integral seconds.

Note: the tests of this module are by definition time sensitive: under
heavy loads the tests may fail.  Reasonable relaxed criteria are being
used for the tests but sometimes you may still se


Revision history for the Perl extension Time::HiRes.

1.9725 [2012-02-01]
	- Correct stack discipline in stat(), which was screwing up list
	  operations in expressions containing calls to it [
	- Add missing OUTPUT sections to the XS code [ #70930].
	- Skip itimer tests on GNU/Hurd, which has the API but lacks
	  the implementation [ #72754].
	- Fix a 


Version 1.38

- interval timers for non-UNIX platforms?
- nanosleep for non-UNIX platforms (that do not have usleep?)
- any patches that Douglas has stashed away?
- pthread_delay_np if no nanosleep?

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