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==== XML::Compile README.todo

= initial prefix problem:

An implementational problem: when a prefix is chosen, it is not decided
by the XML::LibXML library, but by XML::Compile.  An xyz:tag is chosen,
and xmlns:xyz is added later.  The causes the problem that the node's
localname will be "xyz:tag" until the node is stringified... which
is incorrect.

= tests
. Missing: test <all> and <choice> in


=== README for XML-Compile version 1.20
=   Generated on Wed Dec 22 16:35:05 2010 by OODoc 1.06

There are various ways to install this module:

 (1) if you have a command-line, you can do:
       perl -MCPAN -e 'install <any package from this distribution>'

 (2) if you use Windows, have a look at

 (3) if you have downloaded this module manually (as root/administrator


=head1 NAME

XML::Compile::FAQ - frequently asked questions


On this page, a wild collection of questions are answered.  If you have
contributions either in question or as answer, then please contribute
via the mailinglist.

See also XML::Compile::SOAP::FAQ.

=head2 The data structure

=head3 what do the cho_, seq_ and all_ start of labels mean?

X::C tries to give you a simple


=== version history of XML::Compile

Unless noted otherwise, these changes where initiated and appl

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