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XML::Writer is a simple Perl module for writing XML documents: it
takes care of constructing markup and escaping data correctly, and by
default, it also performs a significant amount of well-formedness
checking on the output, to make certain (for example) that start and
end tags match, that there is exactly one document element, and that
there are not duplicate attribute names.

Here is an example


Revision history for Perl extension XML::Writer.

0.612 Mon Aug 16 00:10:16 2010 +1000    <>
        - Allow DATA_INDENT to specify arbitrary white space for
           indentation. If it is numeric then use that many space
0.611 Thu Apr 22 13:09:12 BST 2010    <>
        - Adopt rewritten license text to explicitly allow modification.


- Correctness. It's still possible to generate bad XML. Especially in
	safe mode, checks on processing instructions, comments and DOCTYPE
	declarations should be rigorously matched against the spec.

- Control over presentation. How much is too much? Entities vs. CDATA,
	placement of namespace declarations, whitespace. How much control
	should the user be given?

- Performance. Reducing the use of

/XML-Writer-0.612/LICENSE - write an XML document.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Megginson Technologies.
Copyright (c) 2003

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