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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


A plugin for merging bzr's NEWS file.

This plugin is activated via configuration variables, see 'bzr help news_merge'.

This hook can resolve conflicts where both sides add entries at the same place.
If it encounters a more difficult conflict it gives up and bzr will fallback to
the default merge algorithm.


README for Bazaar

Bazaar (``bzr``) is a decentralized revision control system, designed to be
easy for developers and end users alike.  Bazaar is part of the GNU project to
develop a complete free operating system <>, and a project
of Canonical <>.

Ready-to-install packages are available for most popular operating sy


There is a bug in disttools for distributions who's rpmbuild compresses 
the man pages. This causes an error building the final packages as it's 
expecting bzr.1 and not finding it, but finding bzr.1.gz that's unpackaged.

This bug is known to affect Fedora, RHEL, and Centos distributions.

There is a preliminary patch at that
fixes this issue with disttools.


Bazaar supports semi-automatic bug reporting through Apport

If app


.. comment

  Copyright (C) 2010 Canonical Ltd

  This file is part of bzr-bash-completion



A plugin for merging .po files.

This plugin is controlled via configuration variables, see 'bzr hel


This directory used to contain a shell completion function for zsh.
That script has been unmaintaine


Note: The contents of the User Reference are fully generated from
Bazaar's online help topics. If yo

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