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Checkbot -- a WWW link verifier

Checkbot is a perl5 script which can verify links within a region of
the World Wide Web. It checks all pages within an identified region,
and all links within that region. After checking all links within the
region, it will also check all links which point outside of the
region, and then stop.

Checkbot regularly writes reports on its findings, including all


2008-10-15  Hans de Graaff  <>

	* Checkbot 1.80 is released

2008-07-08  Hans de Graaff  <>

	* checkbot (handle_doc): Tighten up the check for a robots tag so
	that nofollow text later in the document won't be matched, thus
	skipping the whole document, bug 2005950.

2007-05-05  Brandon Bell  <>

	* checkbot: mms scheme can be ignored safely.


This file is no longer being updated, as I have moved my project
management into ShadowPlan. I hope to have an HTML version of the
current state online soon. -- Hans 30-Apr-2001

* Handle the javascript: scheme, possibly by relying on an external
  javascript interpreter. This should be optional functionality, as
  this may be introducing difficult to satisfy dependencies.

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