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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


This directory has been obsoleted for GCC snapshots and CVS access.

For releases the installation documentation is generated from
gcc/doc/install.texi and copied into this directory.

To read this documentation, please point your HTML browser to "index.html".


This directory contains the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).

The GNU Compiler Collection is free software.  See the file COPYING
for copying permission.  The manuals, and some of the runtime
libraries, are under different terms; see the individual source files
for details.

The directory INSTALL contains copies of the installation information
as HTML and plain text.  The source of this information 


The GCC team has been urged to drop support for SCO Unix from GCC, as
a protest against SCO's irresponsible aggression against free software
and GNU/Linux.  We have decided to take no action at this time, as we
no longer believe that SCO is a serious threat.

For more on the FSF's position regarding SCO's attacks on free
software, please read:


This directory contains scripts that are used for identifying the
patch that introduced a regression


This directory contains scripts that are used by the regression
tester, <



See also:



This README file is copied into the directory for GCC-only header files
when fixincludes is run by t


Copyright (C) 2000, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is intended to contain a few note

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