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0.  For the attention-span challenged

Want filename completion?  It's built-in, GNU Readline isn't necessary.
Want full-screen support?  Install Ncurses if your OS's curses stinks.
NcFTP uses "passive" by default.  Try "set passive off" if needed.
Yes, it's Y2K compliant.

1.  But what is this?

NcFTP is a free set of programs that use 


The programs ncftpput, ncftpget, and ncftpls are
intended to be run from an existing MS-DOS Prompt
window.  It would be pointless to install a short-
cut for them, since they require parameters on
the command line which vary with each use.

The installer places the NcFTP directory in your
PATH, so you should be able to just type
"ncftpget.exe" at a prompt to see the usage, or
consult the 


NcFTP is a free set of programs that use the File
Transfer Protocol.  It's been around for UNIX for quite
some time now (circa 1992) and many people still use
the program and contribute suggestions and feedback.
There have also been unofficial ports of NcFTP for
Windows, but this is the first official port.

The main program is simply called "ncftp".  There are
also separate utility progra


{\fonttbl\f0\froman\fcharset84 TimesNewRomanPS-Bo


NcFTP Change Log:

3.2.3, 2009-07-28

   + Large File Support has been updated inte


		     The Clarified Artistic License


The intent of this document is to state the con

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