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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


[ Oct 17, 97 ]

[ This file, README.log1.4, helps the rolling out of new RVM log
version 1.4.  It can later be moved to somewhere else: other README
files, FAQ, manual etc ]

You need to read this file only if you are using either venus and coda
server already.  This file explains how you can preserve your existing
persistent data in RVM when you upgrade to new binaries using new RVM
log format.



I've modified some of this code to get it to compile on BSD, but
I have no confidence that the modified code will still run under Mach.
Some of the changes should be propogated back (namely, bool --> rvm_bool_t)
but I'm going to let Peter check in his Linux changes instead, which
may be cleaner.

(the tests are a mess to begin with, and will require a more concentrated
clean-up, I beleive, in orde


New in 1.17:

* Add rvmutl/rdsinit man pages.
* Make sure we can build with pthread support.
* Fix several concurrent threading issues.

New in 1.16:

* More pkg config updates, allow building against uninstalled libs.
* strict-aliasing fixes.

New in 1.15:

* Build and packaging updates.
* Use pkg-config.
* Build a separate version of libseg linked with librvmlwp.
* Default now only builds the lw


rvm (1.17) coda; urgency=low

  * Autogenerated debian changelog entry

 -- Jan Harkes <jaharkes@cs.


@PACKAGE@ (@VERSION@) coda; urgency=low

  * Autogenerated debian changelog entry

 -- Jan Harkes <j


This package was debianized by Jan Harkes <> on
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 02:29:52 -0500.



Coda is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
as shown below.  Certain modu

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