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Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


SQUID Web Proxy Cache

  Squid is the result of efforts by numerous individuals from the
  Internet community.  Development is led by Duane Wessels of the
  National Laboratory for Applied Network Research and funded by
  the National Science Foundation.

  This program is free software; you can redistribu


First run 'make install' from directory ../.. Make sure you compile fat.

Then run './makepkg' from this directory. This uses the just installed fat
binaries in a package. And creates a help file.

Or better: after running make install in ../.. run make tar in this directory.


Thank you to Arthur Tumanyan <> for
creating these error pages in Armenian!


Thank you to Rauf Kuliyev <> for
creating these error pages in Azerbaijani!


Thank you to Evgeny Gechev <> and 
Svetlin Simeonov <> for


Thank you to Jordi Bruguera <> for
creating these error pages in Catalan!


Thank you to Jakub Nantl <> and Radek Malcic
<> for crea


Thank you to Morten S. Nielsen <> for
creating these error pages in Danish!

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