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# $Id: README,v 1.2 2003/09/10 22:07:39 ducamp Exp $

1. What is it?

ssltunnel allows to mount a PPP session encapsulated into SSL. That allows
to make a poor man's VPN between two Unix machines or two networks, without
requiring to set up an IPsec technology.

2. Why?

For a simple reason: I often move, and I very often have, in a hotel or in a
corporate network, only a li


2008-03-04	Alain Thivillon    <>
	* client
	- add "checkservercn" parameter (default no) to verify server identity
	  in case of someone with a signed server certificate from the same CA
	 build a rogue server. Suggestion of Renaud Deraison 

2007-03-20	Alain Thivillon    <>
	* fix these damns automake things
2006-06-07 	Alain Thivillon	   <>
	* client/


# $Id: TODO,v 1.5 2003/10/21 06:20:52 thivillon Exp $

* Add LDAP support to retrieve user data from DIT
  - how to get ldap DN from certificate:
    . mail address
    . regexp from CN or Email address
  - schema (see Radius examples)

* Add CRL support 

* Add IPV6 support

* Purge environnement at server start

* signal handlers should be cleaned

If i have time:

* Add stats


Copyright (c) 2003 Herve Schauer Consultants
Alain Thivillon <>
All rights reserved.


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