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The sudo philosophy
Sudo is a program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root privileges
to users and log root activity.  The basic philosophy is to give as few
privileges as possible but still allow people to get their work done.

Where to find sudo
Before you try and build sudo, *please* make sure you have the current
version.  The latest sudo may


This file explains how to build the optional LDAP functionality of SUDO to
store /etc/sudoers information.  This feature is distinct from LDAP passwords.

For general sudo LDAP configuration details, see the sudoers.ldap manual that
comes with the sudo distribution.  A pre-formatted version of the manual may
be found in the file.

The sudo binary compiled with LDAP support should 


NLS Translations for sudo are coordinated through the Translation
Project, at

If you would like to contribute a translation for sudo, please join
a translation team at the Translation Project instead of contributing
a po file directly.  This will avoid duplicated work if there is
already a translation in progress.  If you would like to become a
member of a translati


What's new in Sudo 1.8.6p3?

 * Fixed post-processing of the man pages on systems with legacy


	* NEWS, configure,
	sudo 1.8.6p3

2012-09-17  Todd C. Miller  <Todd


Sudo is distributed under the following license:

   Copyright (c) 1994-1996, 1998-2012


The following list of people, sorted by last name, have contributed
code or patches to this implemen

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