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$Header: /cvs/maptools/cvsroot/libtiff/README,v 1.5 2004/10/30 13:44:45 dron Exp $

TIFF Software Distribution
This file is just a placeholder; all the documentation is now in
HTML in the html directory.  To view the documentation point your
favorite WWW viewer at html/index.html; e.g.

    netscape html/index.html

If you don't have an HTML viewer then you can read the


Dear OpenVMS user
to make this library, execute

Build process should be error and warning free. When process will be finished,
LIBTIFF$STRATUP.COM file containing all required definitions, will be  created.
Please call it from system startup procedure or individual user procedure LOGIN.COM
To link software with libtiff, use TIFF:LIBTIFF.OPT

best regards,
Alexey Chupahin,   el


This directory contains scripts and tools needed to build libtiff library
and its utilities in various environments.


This directory contains various contributions from libtiff users.


Building the Software on an Acorn RISC OS system

The directory contrib/acorn contains support for c


	addtiffo 1.0

The addtiffo utility is used to add overview pyramids to an existing 


Wed May  9 09:11:35 PDT 1990

This directory contains programs from Dan Sears


xtiff 2.0

xtiff is a tool for viewing a TIFF file in an X window.  It was written to
handle as many

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