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A vector graphics library

Cairo is a vector graphics library designed to provide high-quality display and print output. Currently supported output targets include the X Window System, OpenGL (via glitz), in-memory image buffers, and image files (PDF and PostScript). Cairo is designed to produce identical output on all output media while taking advantage of display hardware acceleration when available (eg. through the X Render Extension or OpenGL).
Package version:1.0.2
Distribution:FreeBSD distfiles


Cairo - Multi-platform 2D graphics library

What is cairo
Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output
devices. Currently supported output targets include the X Window
System, win32, and image buffers. Experimental backends include OpenGL
(through glitz), Quartz, XCB, PostScript and PDF file output.

Cairo is designed to produce consistent 


Release 1.0.2 (2005-10-03 Carl Worth <>)
For each bug number XXXX below, see:

for more details.

General bug fixes
 * 4408 - Add support for dashing of stroked curves
	  (Carl Worth)

 * 4409 - Fix dashing so that each dash is capped on both ends


2005-10-03  Carl Worth  <>

	* Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.0.2 and libtool
	versioning to 4:3:2.
	* NEWS: Add notes for the 1.0.2 release.

2005-09-30  Bertram Felgenhauer  <>

	reviewed by: keithp

	* src/cairo-hull.c (_cairo_hull_create): simplify id
	initialisation of last patch

	reviewed by: cworth

	* src/cairo-hull.c (_cairo_hull_create),


Changes that are expected to impact the public API


Josh Aas <> Memory leak fix for quartz backend
Shawn T. Amundson <>


Cairo is free software.

Every source file in the implementation of cairo is available to be

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